Great Rewards to farmers - Sarpan Byadagi Chilli

Byadagi chilli a land race, a farmers’ selection from the Sweet peppers introduced during Portuguese period from Goa is the most popular chilli type from undivided Dharwad District, Karnataka. Byadagi chilli is the most popular variety of chilli preferred by consumers of India and the export market in the country. Even though the variety is named after the place Byadagi, this variety is grown in different geographies of Karnataka, AP, Telangana and northern states of our country. 

The Byadagi chilli grown in these regions have very special quality features expressed in the variety influenced and stabilized by edaphic weather, soil  factors of the regions. The by variety is known for its great colour 160-180 ASTA, very low pungency 500-5000 SHU, very high rudrakshi wrinkles, low seed content , unique acidic flavour, aroma, volatile oils, taste, good shelf life, consistency in quality and high extractable oleoresin oil from fruits. These features have made this variety very popular among consumers, spice industries and value addition industries. It is the most suitable and popular variety for extraction of colour which is used in Textile, cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, confectionary and in all Food industry as a major source of Natural colour in the Global market.

Unfortunately this variety had lost its all unique features and attained irreversible genetic state since the last four to five decades because of high cross pollination and genetic contamination. This popular breed had become highly susceptible to major sucking pests, diseases, fruit rot and had become genetically very low in productivity. Cultivation of this variety had become commercially a nonviable proposition to the farmers.  The area of cultivation had come down drastically. This had disturbed and shattered chilli market, spice and oleoresin industries for non-availability of consistent, uniform Byadagi chilli material in volume and in time. There was a dire need of a variety or hybrid which could fill this gap and to make all Indian spice industries, spice trade to be more competitive in the international market.

This gap is hopefully being fulfilled by the results of dedicated research work conducted over a period of 32 years at Sarpan Seeds Dharwad Karnataka. The dedicated research efforts made at Sarpan seeds  over a period of 32 years succeeded  in evolving  most promising F1 hybrids at par with the Byadagi variety in all quality parameters registered in them. Six Byadagi hybrids were been released by them,  Sarpan-Super variety being the most prominent and promising product with great colour values ranging from 250 to 500 ASTA, heat values of 2500 to 15000 SHU, rudrakshi wrinkles, low seed content, excellent shelf life, unique acidic flavour and taste. Above all Sarpan Super can adopt to various agro-climatic regions, earliness in harvest by 40-45 days that saves money, high yielding, highly  tolerant to major pests and diseases, fruits are big, large and are easy for harvest, thus consume very less labour. Early to market fetches more price. With these features Sarpan Super rewards every farmer.

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